Different types of USCE and which ones to go about?

USCE are divided based on whether it provides hand-on and non-hands-on clinical experience to the applicant. More the hands-on experience , more the supervising doctor can see your clinical expertise and thus better quality LOR for match.

Hands-on USCE:

  1. Electives/clerkship- like internship in India in a particular department for 1–3 months. Sponsored visa is student F1, cannot be done on B1/B2. Can be applied only till you have not graduated from your medical college even internationally.These can be paid or free. Some Indian medical colleges even let you skip the particular department internship time if you have rotated in the same internationally.
  2. Externship- similar to above but can be applied by medical graduates. Visa sponsored is J1. These are mostly paid.

Non- Hands-on USCE:

  1. Observer ship- similar to above minus the touching of patient. If you can get your supervising doctor in confidence they can allow you to take histories and do examination. Visa -B1/B2. These can be paid or unpaid ones.
  2. Research Assistant- non clinical experience. Can built contacts and get LOR for the clinical research. These are usually a job that pay you a salary or you work for free. Paid jobs ones will sponsor a J1 visa for you. Unpaid ones can be done on B1/B2.



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