USMLE Guidance and mentoring service

The biggest obstacle that most  students face before starting or during their preparation is the lack of guidance as how to or what to study for USMLE or if they are studying the right book, how to time their USMLE Steps to enter Match!

Everyone’s preparation has phases of insecurity  by finding the vast information online or from peers. This leads to lack of confidence which somewhere gets reflected in your USMLE preparation and scores.

What if there was a person who has already walked this path who can motivate and guide you about what you are studying is right or which area you need to fine tune your preparation? Wouldn’t that change your preparation to a totally different direction!

What I am talking about is a mentoring and guidance-your personal motivational guru! Someone who has already walked this path completely that you have just started on.

Sadly there is no such service available in USMLE preparation. There are seniors and blogs and forums where you try finding answers and there are various books,Q-banks, self assessment forms , videos /audio lectures that end making a medical student become overwhelmed with information.

With this in mind, I am providing mentoring and guidance services for USMLE students who are interested at a very nominal price.  I have walked down the same path that you are starting a few years back. Thus the relevance of my knowledge is not only accurate , its from ground zero after facing the same struggles that you go through today.

This service would include guidance and mentoring throughout your preparation about :

  1. Motivation and guidance during your struggle phases
  2. Which study materials  to use
  3. How to study for a particular USMLE step
  4. Providing weekly study targets
  5. Weekly performance review
  6. Better study strategies to improve performance

The entire guidance and mentoring service is provided by me online over Skype/Gmail, thus internet connection is a must from the student’s side.This will not include any tutoring service as tutoring is a separate entity I provide. However, if you need both mentoring with tutoring service I can make a customized bundle for you.

Please take the time to contact me for pricing at email:


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