After completing Indian DM (cardiology) or MD can I practice in USA and if I can ,how to go about it step wise?


My answer on Quora:

Thank you for A2A.

For a doctor to practice medicine in any part of world you would need practice license of that country. This is a general rule for all round the world for doctors.

Now I’ll lets talk about USA.

USMLE is a US medical licensing exam which provides you a clinical license to practice in USA.

Now in order for you to practice in USA you needs work visa which needs to be sponsored by a USA hospital. USA Hospitals do not sponsor work visa now for internationally trained physicians to practice in USA even though they did issue some 20 -25 years back. Without a work visa you will not be practice in spite of you having a license to practice in USA.

That brings to the point -to be able to practice in USA , you need 2 things:

  1. Clinical license to practice medicine in USA – obtained by clearing USMLE . USMLE consists of 3 steps- Step 1, Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS. Step 1 and 2 CK are MCQ exams which can be taken anywhere of world whereas STEP 2 CS is a clinical skills test consisting of stimulated patient and can be taken only in USA
  2. USA Hospital willing to sponsors a work visa for you– For this you need to be trained in USA which means passing medical school/post graduation/super specialization in USA. Therefore, you need to do either your post graduation or super specialization in a USA hospital for the work Visa if an International Medical Graduate.

So, you cannot practice in USA without the above 2 points fulfilled however you can do a short certificate courses from USA that can add value to your CV for practice in India.

Hope I have made my answer clear. Let me know if you have any further doubts.

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