As an IMG, how do I make my CV for residency programs in the USA appealing?I am in 1st year MBBS.

My answer on Quora:

Thanks for A2A. Firstly I’d like to congratulate you for being ambitious at this stage your life.You are way ahead than most of your MBBS peers just by thoughts.

Now to the practical side, I would suggest complete atleast your 1st year MBBS and then start preparing for USMLE. In this way you have a hang of how medical subjects are as well as your clarity of the same.

I would highly recommend going for electives in your 2nd /3rd year itself. This would need some money investment on your side but will make you connect between ambition and reality. Elective are different from observerships.

Additionally also enrol as a research assistant or junior in your medical college or other Indian medical institute for an addition in CV for USMLE.

Once you become confident that USMLE is what you want to do after doing your electives, go ahead with as many electives and US- LOR you can gather each year till medicine graduation. Complete your USMLE till the time you pass MBBS and apply for Match.

‘Contact’ most beneficial are the ones that you make during your electives or other USCE. Indian contacts only play a role if its your senior who is enrolled in a residency in USA or a relative who is a program director/physician in a US hospital .

You don’t need anything more to what you have mentioned. The book contents and path to USMLE is same for all , its how you do it that makes a difference.

Hope that helped in clearing your doubt. Let me know if you have any further.

As an IMG, how do I make my CV for residency programs in the USA appealing?


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