USMLE Guidance for a beginner : Book

Dear all readers,

I have written short e-book : USMLE guidance for beginners  on Amazon. This book is first book of USMLE guidance e-book series for every stage of USMLE journey. Objective of this is to simplify the steps in USMLE in accordance to stage the aspirant is in and not overburden with information.



The book is available on Amazon

Topic written about in the book is:

  1. Simplifying jargons used in USMLE and Match
  2. A Flowchart of your USMLE journey
  3. What is USMLE?
  4. How to apply for USMLE exams -simplified?
  5. How to time your USMLE steps to apply for Match?
  6. How to study for USMLE? Self study vs coaching class vs tutoring vs study partner
  7. Study materials needed for USMLE steps
  8. What is the total cost of USMLE journey?
  9. Decision dilemma for an IMG- to go or not to go for USMLE
  10. How to keep yourself motivated through USMLE journey?
  11. Excerpts from my upcoming e-book

Excerpts from the book:

  • A Flowchart of your USMLE journey

flowchart of USMLE journey

Hope it helps you.

Please take the time to post a review or feedback about the book on this post or on Amazon so that many USMLE aspirants can benefit.

Till next time happy studying 🙂



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