BSS- Blueprint Study Scheduler

Research has shown studying done with the help of a mentor and a proper timely study schedule can help you achieve big targets in no time.

No more aimlessly preparing for USMLE. Take charge of your preparation and book BSS now!

BSS-Blueprint Study scheduler is an excellent USMLE preparation tracking tool.It gives you study targets per week  or month to pace your USMLE Preparation towards the exam day.

90% of my students who have taken BSS-Blueprint study scheduler were able to achieve >220 scores in their USMLE step.

With BSS ,it is simple to track your study and find out what needs to be done to reach your goal. BSS is offered as weekly scheduler or monthly scheduler based on your preference.

What does it include?

Blueprint Study Scheduler is unique in that it is the Only USMLE study scheduler available in market which is personally designed by an expert professional in addition to providing preparation mentoring.How cool is that!

It is manually designed by me after understanding various aspects about the student.

Benefits of BSS are that it provides an easy and systematic approach to USMLE preparation along with positive guidance of a mentor . Small steps always lead to achieving big targets. With small study targets set of week/month , you complete and excel on USMLE step in no time!

What you lose by not taking BSS? This is a question that can be answered best by you. If there have been times in your USMLE journey where you feel lost, desperately trying to figure your way. BSS is the answer I can say that.

Which USMLE students should not opt for my BSS ?

  • that are not committed enough
  • that are not hardworking
  • that are not open to learn new suggestions and ways
  • that find difficultly accepting their weak areas of study

Such students lead to loss of time and financial commitments for both parties.

What my recent students had to say about BSS -study scheduler:

Jaspreet Singh I had taken Step 1 tutoring with Mam after a failed attempt. After 5 months of tutoring with her, I passed with 230! Also her Weekly BSS with tutoring combination worked like fire for my preparation. She is great in her teaching style as she customized according to my learning pattern. Thanks.

Praneet Lodhi – Thanks Mam. Your weekly study scheduler helped me alot during my Step 2 preparation.

How does your weekly/monthly BSS look?

I have attached sample weekly and monthly BSS of previous students for an idea of the BSS offered.


How to book your Blueprint study scheduler?

If you know the value of a great study scheduling and mentoring in USMLE then contact me today and we can have a conversation. My mail ID

I take only 10 students per month to ensure that I provide my best guidance for each and every student’s USMLE preparation.

Share and spread the word to peers and senior who can benefit from this!